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Water Filtration Systems

At Got Flow Plumbing & AC, our commitment is to offer our customers the best home solutions in plumbing, drains, and water filtration in Houston, TX.

Our team of trained and skilled professionals will care for your home, protect your property, and deliver the best customer service. That is why we want to help you achieve the freshest, cleanest, safest water for your home and family.

Water Filtration – Houston, TX

Have you ever wondered what is in your home’s tap water? Not only do you use it for cooking and drinking, it is the water you and your family bathe in.

Source water before it is treated and delivered to your home is full of ground contaminants, bacteria, and other unsafe elements. Local water facilities treat the water making it safe, but often this includes disinfecting products such as chlorine. It can produce foul smelling, bad tasting water affecting your family.

Whole Home Water Filtration

Imagine having pure drinking water from every tap, bathing in the cleanest chemical free water, and knowing you are helping to reduce your carbon footprint by eliminating plastic water bottles.

Water filtration also helps extend the life of the home’s plumbing system. Whole home water filtration removes sediment, one of the leading causes of scale buildup and an agent that causes damages to you water lines and fixtures.

A whole home water filtration can achieve this and more by removing chlorine, sediment, and contaminants such as Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs).

Water treatment facilities use varying methods to “clean” the water and eliminate bacteria and dangerous particles leaving behind poor tasting, poor smelling, and poor quality water. 

Although treated water is deemed safe by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and according the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) standards, It doesn’t make it pleasant.

Whole house water filtration systems work through activated carbon filtration. Activated carbon is the most effective method at removing contaminants from the home’s water supply.

By installing a whole home water filtration system, the water supply entering your home is filtered through a carbon tank. Harmful chemicals, bacteria, and VOC’s are removed and only fresh and clean water enter the home.

 Filtered water is then available from the shower, kitchen sink, washing machine for use in drinking, cooking, and bathing.

It is important to choose a professional specialist for water filtration in Houston, TX. There are many brands and products on the market claiming to be the best. We use only the highest quality and effective whole home water filtration products. With expert installation, we can have you enjoying the best quality water from every tap.

Drinking Water Filtration Systems

For homeowners wanting to invest in a simpler solution for drinking and cooking, Got Flow Plumbing & AC can install a point of use water filter, also known as reverse osmosis, or R/O.

R/O systems were originally designed to desalinate salt water and are effective in removing even the smallest contaminants from the water. R/O systems are conveniently installed underneath the kitchen sink and have a separate faucet for drinking and cooking water.

R/O water filtration systems use a three-stage process, including carbon filtration, purification, and a small membrane filter. They have been proven to remove contaminants including: bacteria and viruses, chloride, copper, and lead.

Benefits of Reverse Osmosis (R/O) Water Filtration include:

  • Remove chlorine, sediment and other contaminants from tap water

  • Directly filter water at the source

  • Convenient installation at point of use

  • Instantly filter drinking water and water for cooking

  • Low maintenance 

Choose the experts in water filtration in Houston, TX. Got Flow Plumbing & AC is committed to your safety, happiness, and delivering the best customer service. For a free in home estimate, call (xxx) xxx-xxxx today.


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