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When you experience recurring drain clogs, roots in the main sewer line, or emergency toilet overflows, you need an expert plumber in Eastlake.

We offer expert drain cleaning using professional equipment to permanently clear lines from obstruction restoring services fast.

Our team is trained and skilled at diagnosing the most common drain clogs, as well as the toughest causes of blockages in kitchens, bathrooms, and main sewer lines. We provide a quick an efficient solution and 24/7 emergency services.  

Kitchen Drain Clogs

Although a professional drain cleaning service will clear most kitchen clogs, heavy grease and sludge buildup may require a kitchen hydro jetter.

Fats, oils, and grease are the most common elements affecting kitchen drain lines. Over time, small amounts of fats, oils, and grease will stick to the insides of porous drain materials slowly closing off the flow of water.

We recommend scraping plates and wiping down pots and pans before putting them into the sink, and ensuring that no food particles go into the kitchen drain. If a routine snaking does not clear the line, or if grease is present, hydro jetting will thoroughly scour the inside of the line removing years of buildup.

Lavatory, Shower and Tub Drain Clogs

It is inconvenient and frustrating to use the lavatory sink only to have it fill up and not drain. Soap buildup, products falling down the line, and hair are the major causes of lavatory sink clogs. A routine snaking by a professional plumber in Eastlake is the quickest method to clear the drain and restore services.

Homeowners can also save future backups by ensuring the proper drain assembly is installed to block objects from falling in.

Hair is also the most common cause of shower and tub backups. Having to stand in a foot of water while showering  is not only frustrating, it makes it harder to keep a clean tub. To avoid future tub or shower clogs, try using a smaller mesh strainer to catch hair before it goes down the drain.


Professional snaking will remove hair buildup and determine if there is a larger problem further down the line.

Toilet Clogs and Main Sewer Line Backups

Calcium buildup in toilets, using products that are not flushable, and main sewer line backups can cause toilet overflows. They are messy and can cause water damage to bathrooms.

Our professional team recommends  not using any products in the toilet, even if they say they are flushable. Only toilet paper should be put down a toilet line. If there is calcium buildup, the toilet may need to be replaced.

In addition to paper towels and feminine products, main sewer lines become clogged due to heavy buildup, roots, and broken lines. The only accurate way to determine if there is a larger problem is by performing a sewer camera inspection. A camera inspection will show if there is damage to the line, heavy roots that need to be removed, or if hard scale is clogging the pipe.

If roots have grown into the line, hydro jetting is an effective method of removing them when snaking is ineffective. Hydro Jetting is also a solution to descaling hard buildup and removing years of heavy sludge.

For an expert plumber in Eastlake, count on the professional team at Eastlake Water Leak. We are available 24/7 and deliver expert drain cleaning services. Call us to schedule an appointment today.


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